Quality management systems (QMS)


Quality management systems (QMS)

Prove that you have the knowledge to audit the proper implementation of ISO 9001 and assess the overall performance of a quality management system.

To have credibility, accredited certification requires skilled auditors. To be effective and competitive, business and industry requires skilled auditors. The objective of our Quality Management Systems Auditor Certification Scheme is to deliver confidence to accredited certification and to business and industry that auditors certified to this programme are skilled.

As part of the certification process we will assess you towards requirements which replicate the key skills, experience and knowledge that determine competence and which you, the QMS auditor, need to have and demonstrate during an audit.

Scheme-specific requirements
  • Have knowledge of basic quality management principles
  • Understand the quality management tools and techniques applied in organisations which enable you to assess a quality management system, and generate audit findings and conclusions
  • Understand an organisation’s operational activities and interactions, and their relationship with product quality.
Who this scheme is intended for?
  • Quality management system auditors, such as those employed by third-party certification bodies/registrars or by purchasing organisations (second-party auditors)
  • Quality management practitioners, such as quality management consultants, quality managers and third-party certification managers
  • Employees conducting quality management system audits within their own organisations (internal audits)
Want to apply for this scheme?

Please choose the appropriate grade. This will depend on your work experience, audit experience and training.