Lead Auditor


Lead Auditor

This grade is suitable if you are a competent auditor experienced at managing audits and leading teams.


At least to secondary level

Work Experience

  • Four years full-time experience, or two years with a degree/near degree
  • One year full-time experience relevant to the auditor scheme you are applying for

Auditor Training

  • An IACI-approved Auditor/Lead Auditor training course OR
  • An IACI-approved Auditor/Lead Auditor Conversion training course – only acceptable if you have previously completed a five-day Auditor/Lead Auditor training course in another discipline.

Auditor experience - (note: this must be completed after your training)

  • Four full management system audits as an auditor-in-training, totaling 20 days, including a minimum of 15 days on site
  • Three full management system audits as the leader of an audit team that includes at least one other auditor, totaling 15 days, 10 of which must have been spent on site.

Note: Although we recommend you should complete all of the audits under the direction and guidance of an auditor competent as a team leader, we acknowledge that for many auditors this will be difficult. Consequently, we will accept a minimum of one audit under these conditions. We may require this team leader to attest to your competence to lead an audit team. If you are already certificated to the relevant auditor grade, you need only perform the three lead audits.

Process Chart

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