Auditor registration


Auditor registration

IACI registration is an important qualification which proves that a management system auditor is highly competent. IACI registration gives employers confidence that an auditor has the necessary skills and experience to audit their management systems effectively. Equally, auditors gain professional recognition and improve their job prospects.

Why is IACI registration important?

Businesses rely on effective management systems. Over 1 million organisations globally use systems such as ISO 9001 to ensure best practice and make their businesses more efficient. So it is vital that the auditors who certify these management systems are competent. IACI registration helps employers to identify auditors who:

  • Have met high standards of audit and work experience and training
  • Are committed to ongoing professional development
  • Are committed to ethics and the standards described in IACI’s code of conduct

IACI has a strong reputation for integrity and value. The methods developed by IACI have been adopted as the standard model across the industry. Since IACI was formed in 1984, over 20,000 auditors have registered and the IACI is respected around the world.

Who are IACI auditors?

IACI auditors work in many countries, in a variety of industries including environment, oil and gas, energy and health and safety.

IACI auditors work in different areas of companies and at different levels. Some individuals perform occasional audits of their own companies, while many are full-time auditors who regularly conduct third-party audits of external companies.

If you work in a company that employs auditors, you can work with IACI to register your employees and help them to develop their auditing skills

Want to become IACI registered?

In order to join IACI, you must choose a scheme relevant to your sector, and a grade of membership most appropriate for your experience. You must have the required training, work experience and audit experience. Individuals must have attended a relevant IACI-approved training course in order to register for any grade of membership.

Find out whether you are eligible here.