IACI (International Auditors Competence Institute)

IACI is a professional Community of ASIB (E) dedicated to Auditors on Management system

IACI is a Professional Community for Auditors employed in accredited conformity assessment bodies on ISO 17024 (Conformity Assessment - General requirements for organisations performing certification of Persons)

"For auditors who want to make a difference, we are here."

IACI has had programmes for building certification and auditor competency for more than ten years. Our background has given us the knowledge necessary to assist trainers and professionals in becoming well-known in their fields. As the conformance community's thought leaders of the future, we aim to enhance your career by understanding what employers are looking for.

People and companies cannot just claim they can. We give them a means of showing they can.

About Us

IACI is a professional Community of ASIB (E)

IACI is a Professional Community that supports and provides services to the conformity assessment sector (auditors, trainers and certification bodies). Our goal is to offer the entire community solutions that improve their skills in Auditing techniques. To do this, we offer:

  • Community calibration of auditors
  • Events held by Organizations Using Auditors
  • Management of credentials for those seeking increased professional acclaim
  • Auditor CPD in Organisations that Employ Auditors
  • services that are fresh and cutting-edge and better serve all of our stakeholders

The IACI (International Auditors Competence Institute) is a community for accredited organisations of ASIB (E) for all organisations accredited to ISO 17024 (Conformity Assessment - General requirements for organisations performing certification of Persons)

Mission & Vision

Organisations worldwide understand how important it is to use management systems to reduce company risk and add value. To increase effectiveness and credibility, they rely on qualified professionals to evaluate the performance of their management techniques.

IACI's mission is to:

  • Develop self-confidence in accredited certification globally by enhancing the performance of auditors
  • Accomplice the IACI identity with honesty, best practices and providing value
  • Boost auditing as a respected profession
  • Deliver an excellent administration service to all our stakeholders, which sets a standard for others to implement
  • Develop the standard of auditors and auditor training
  • Execute IACI certification obtainable by all suitable organisations and persons worldwide
  • Boost best practices in auditing


The International Auditors Competence Institite (IACI)

Approved Training Organisation

Organisation Employing Auditors


Grades & Criteria

Continual Professional Development

Training Organisations

The courses presented by IACI certified training organisations execute a essential role in the training and development of auditors and management systems professionals. These courses deliver a key training and assessment function for students applying for auditor certification with IACI and other auditor certification bodies...

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Organisations employing auditors (OEAs)

IACI's organisations employing auditors (OEA) programme represents your responsibility to provide your clients with auditors who meet the high standards set by IACI...

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IACI recognises auditors under numerous programmes that span numerous businesses and areas. Each scheme has unique requirements that evaluate the abilities, expertise, and experience particular to each industry.

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Grades and Criteria

IACI offers various membership tiers to accommodate individuals with various backgrounds in education and training. Please review the definitions and standards listed below to determine the correct grade...

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Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

The term CPD or "continuing professional development" refers to the learning activities that professionals participate in to advance and improve their skills. To enhance and have successful professional development, CPD incorporates several learning strategies, including training workshops...

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